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Reseda Acupuncture Therapist


The general theory your Reseda acupuncture therapist adheres to is that proper physiological function and health depends on the circulation of nutrients, substances and energy called Qi through a network connects every organ and part of the body providing balance, regulation, and coordination of physiological processes. Pain and ill-health result when th flow of Qi through the body is disrupted or blocked by many things, including disease, pathogens, trauma injuries, and medication (side-effects), as well as lifestyle factors such as overwork, poor diet, emotions, lack of rest, and stress.


Stimulation of the appropriate acu-points by your Reseda acupuncturist involves treatment help to restore sufficient, continuous and even flow of Qi and other nutrients throughout the body, thereby restoring health and balance to the body, while relieving pain and other symptoms. The Reseda acupuncture therapist uses a sophisticated and complex system of diagnostic methods that take into consideration the person as a whole, discerning the body’s pattern of disharmony rather than isolated symptoms. The aim is not only to eliminate or alleviate symptoms, but to treat the underlying cause, and improve the quality of life.


Please contact us to make appointment. (*Reseda clinic only)


Get to know our Reseda Acupuncturist, Dr. Quincy Chen, who is also a Chinese Herbal Specialist. Click HERE to leave a review about your experience.

Chinese Herbal Therapy


In the course of your treatment, Chinese Herbal remedies may be prescribed. Most herbal formulas can treat a wide variety of symptoms while stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced safely and effectively for centuries and has the greatest potential for beneficial results when prescribed by a trained professional who recognizes the benefits and risks.

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